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The Country Gift Shoppe 2020-10-31 @Victoria

Happy Halloween! We are open 10-5 and we have treats!! @shopmatticks @shoplocalvictoria @shoplocalyyj #halloweeen2020 #sally #nightmarebeforechristmas #roaring20s #staffcostumes #influencers

Red Barn Market 2020-10-31 @Victoria

BUY ONE GET ONE pack of Canada Grade AAA 🇨🇦 Outside Round Roasts at all Red Barn Market locations until November 4th 🎉 (Reg $9.99LB/$22.00KG) Did you know? 💡 The outside round has more fat marbling compared to the inside round. This means more flavour! It is also graded AAA, a very high-quality category. It provides a juicy, tender cut of beef that is resilient in a variety of cooking methods. ✨

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-10-31 @Victoria

For those of you that have been waiting, we just received a shipment of houses by Joanna Drummond.... there’s limited quantities so don’t wait before they’re all gone! Christmas is coming! 🎄#clayhouses #joannadrummond #yyjart #matticksfarm #giftideas #dontwait #theygolikehotcakes

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-10-27 @Victoria

ANITA SPORTS BRAS for all of your activities! 32-42 band. Breathable, super comfortable. Several colours. @shopmatticks #anita #sportsbra #support #activelifestyle #running #golf #homegym #walking #lilypadlingerie #shoplocally

Adrienne's Restaurant 2020-10-27 @Victoria

Double trouble 🙉 ☕ coffee for your Monday needs #coffee #coffeeshop #yyj

Red Barn Market 2020-10-25 @Victoria

Check out these BC Grown NEW CROP Fancy Honeycrisp Apples 🍎 for only $1.49LB/$3.28KG! Until October 28th!

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-10-25 @Victoria

NORDIC BEACH in Chocolate Cherry! One size makes it easy! Super cozy. Hooded. Big pockets! @shopmatticks #nordicbeach #chocolatecherry #cozy #onesize #lilypadlingerie #shoplocally

The Country Gift Shoppe 2020-10-25 @Victoria

So many wonderful ornaments to see. @shopmatticks @shoplocalyyj @shoplocalvictoria #christmasornaments #christmas2020 #ilovechristmas

Pure Day Spa 2020-10-25 @Victoria

We'd like to introduce you to Cheyanne. With over 3 years of experience, Cheyanne may be semi-new to the industry but already she is a specialist in Manicures, Pedicures, Tinting, Lash Lifts, Massage, and Waxing!? Make an appointment with her from Tuesday to Saturday!?

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-10-25 @Victoria

Adorable “SHEEP” flannel PJ’s. Sizes S-XL Selling quickly! @shopmatticks #flannel #sheep #pjs #lilypadlingerie #shoplocally

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-10-08 @Victoria

Classic PJ’s by BEDHEAD. 93% cotton 7% stretch. Fun prints! Fantastic 🎁 gift. S-XL @shopmatticks #bedhead #pjs #stretchcotton #giftideas #lilypadlingerie #shoplocally

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-10-08 @Victoria

Just a few of the pieces we have currently by the ever so talented Alanna Sparanese 😍 Beautiful, peaceful, and serene are the 3 words most often used when people view her work in the gallery.... and we agree! Pop into The Gallery in person or view online .... free shipping within Canada! #alannasparanese #encausticpainting #waxpainting #yyjartist #canadianartist #matticksfarm #matticksgallery @alannasparaneseartist @shopmatticks #freeshipping

Pure Day Spa 2020-10-08 @Victoria

Has your skin been looking a little red and upset recently? Are you looking for something to help it in its recovery? The Epidermal Repair treatment could be the answer you're looking for!⁠ Soothe redness and sensitive skin so that your skin can get back to glowing.⁠>

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-10-08 @Victoria

weekend surprise sale # sympli# 50 % off # great bargains

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-09-25 @Victoria

New compression tights by ANITA to massage your legs during your workout. Great for every day too. Look & feel amazing! Matching sports bra.

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-09-25 @Victoria

These 3 beauties by Alanna Sparanese are off to their forever home ❤️ You can view more of Alanna’s beautiful work in The Gallery or on our website... purchase online and pickup in person (as this client did) or we can ship to you.. don’t forget we have free shipping within Canada! Easy Peasy! Purchasing as a gift? We can gift wrap it too! 😃

Adrienne's Restaurant 2020-09-21 @Victoria

2 words... Pumpkin Pie !! 🥧 😋 #localbakery #pie #autumnvibes #yyjeats

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-09-21 @Victoria

A week later than we expected but they have finally arrived! 4 of the original sent to us are now in the gallery and on the website for purchase.. along with a few others in the gallery 😊 Don’t forget we’re offer free shipping within Canada! #yyjart #charcoalfineart #matticksfarm #charcoalandacrylic #shoplocalyyj @shopmatticks #onlineshop #matticksgallery

Tega Organic Tea 2020-09-07 @Mission

Take some time for a tea today and enjoy a good cuppa! #teabreak #enjoytea #tea #tegatea #teabetter #ethicaltea #organictea #fairtradetea #koshertea #rooibostea #herbaltea #wellnesstea #healthytea #afternoontea #takeabreak #tealove #healthylifestyle #lovetea

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-08-18 @Victoria

Yest electric blue # not yet #fall #holland @shopmatticks #justin #yyj #clothes #newarrivals

The Country Gift Shoppe 2020-08-18 @Victoria

These fun and light masks are LOCAL and so well made!! @ros.andreassen @shopmatticks @shoplocalvictoria @shoplocalyyj #covidmasks #localbusiness #locallymade

Pure Day Spa 2020-08-18 @Victoria

Do you know what these are? This is a social machine that used electricity and specific gases for facials. Each tool and technique has a unique purpose, from anti-ageing to acne treatment. Give us a call today and ask how our facials can help you accomplish your skin dreams.? .? #glowingskin #skincare #facial #yyj #yyjspa #yyjfacials #spaday #yyjbusiness #supportlocalyyj #staycation #TreatYourself #skincareroutine #GlowingSkin

Red Barn Market 2020-08-17 @Victoria

Made with just 5 simple ingredients, this easy dessert or afternoon snack has a flavour combination that everyone loves - Chocolate 🍫 & Peanut Butter 🥜! It is rich, decadent and oh so delicious!

🚨Featuring Fatso Peanut Butter - ON SALE TODAY for only $7.99 EA until August 19th.

"No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars”

Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 0 Minutes
Total Time: 2 Hours, 10 Minutes
Yield: 20-24 Squares

- 1/2 cup (115g) Fraser Valley salted butter, melted
- 1 cup (85g) graham cracker crumbs (about 8 full sheet graham crackers)
- 2 cups (240g) confectioners’ sugar
- 1 cup + 2 Tablespoons (280g) Fatso peanut butter, divided
- 1 cup (180g) Camino semi-sweet chocolate chips

- Line an 8×8 or 9×9 inch square baking pan with aluminum foil or parchment paper. Set aside.
- Mix the melted butter, graham cracker crumbs, and confectioners’ sugar together in a medium bowl. Stir in 1 cup (250g) of peanut butter, then press evenly into prepared baking pan.
- Melt remaining 2 Tablespoons of peanut butter with the chocolate chips in the microwave or on the stove. Stir until smooth. Spread over peanut butter layer.
- Chill in the refrigerator until completely firm, at least 2 hours. Allow to sit at room temperature for 10 minutes before cutting. Serve chilled. Setting them out for a few hours at room temperature for serving is OK.
- Cover leftover bars tightly and refrigerate for up to 1 week.

Recipe Inspired by: Sally’s Baking Addiction
📸: Sally’s Baking Addiction

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-08-17 @Victoria

@matticksgallery “Inertia” 48x36 the latest painting by our featured artist Irma Soltonovich to arrive in the gallery. This beauty and others by Irma are available in the gallery and online. #freeshipping✈ #yyjartist #matticksgallery #matticksfarm @shopmatticks #onlineshop @soltonovich

Pure Day Spa 2020-08-17 @Victoria

Treat yourself to a massage. Jason can work magic with sore muscles, tense shoulders, and fatigued feet. Give us a call today and book your massage.⁠

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-08-17 @Victoria

Check out our 50% off rack!! @shopmatticks #lilypadlingerie #shoplocally #sale #yyj #deals

Red Barn Market 2020-07-07 @Victoria

Look at these sweet and juicy BC Grown Cherries! 🍒 Only $3.99LB/$8.80KG until tomorrow, July 8th! 🚨 Take home a pound or two today. Available at all Red Barn Market locations. ✨

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-07-07 @Victoria

Cuteness overload! 😍 More of these sweet little @munbeibi have arrived in The Gallery.... so much personality packed in these little ones. #matticksfarm @shopmatticks #cordovabay #yyjart #mattickgallery #clayfigures #munbeibi #gifts #yyjgallery

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-07-07 @Victoria

We just received some beautiful new pieces from Bev Ellis @artzystuff and a few with a surprise inside soft baby pink and lovely mellow yellow 😍 #birchbarkpottery #yyjartgalleries #matticksfarm @shopmatticks #cordovabay #shoplocalyyj

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-07-07 @Victoria

Another great redisplay, a new month of beautiful art showcased, a welcome to new artists and the launch of a brand new website showing it all off 👏

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-06-03 @Victoria

New order on the way! Call 259-590-8032 to reserve your favourite colour! Lilac, pink, lemon 🍋, cashmere blue, red, navy, fluffy frappe, black, or grey kitten! One size makes it easy!

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-06-03 @Victoria

Happenings at The Gallery - June Featured Artists are on the walls! Bev Robertson and Allison Brodie June 2nd to June 28th. Available in The Gallery or online. Link in Bio

Adrienne's Restaurant 2020-06-03 @Victoria

Cheese please 😍 come try our lunch special in the restaurant: baked macaroni and cheese with a side salad and garlic toast!

The Country Gift Shoppe 2020-06-03 @Victoria

Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. Does it really?? The red teapot is really nice tho!

Pure Day Spa 2020-06-03 @Victoria

Never stop glowing. This combination is the perfect day and night routine to keep your skin fresh while it's working so hard in these summer months.⁠ .⁠ "Retexturing Activator exfoliates and hydrates throughout the day. 🌕 Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight improves the appearance of skin texture and tone to promote glowing skin while you sleep."⁠

Adrienne's Restaurant 2020-05-27 @Victoria

Peach Pie with a Golden, Flakey Crust 💛🥧

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-05-27 @Victoria

Get the dress you have been eyeing. Think sunny warm days with a new summery dress! This weekend, Friday Saturday and Sunday we are having a 30 % off all dresses SALE. For our re-opening, we are going to go live, shop on SALE.

Pure Day Spa 2020-05-27 @Victoria

We are so excited to announce that we will be re-opening on June 1st. A few things have changed to make sure that our staff and guests are safe, so make sure you check out the following:⁠ 🌸Enter through our courtyard entrance and exit through our upstairs reception to avoid crowding.⁠ 🌷Wear a mask.⁠ 🌻Arrive 5 minutes early to complete our pre-appointment screening.⁠ 🌼Wait your turn when entering the spa. If you see someone in the reception area, wait outside.⁠ 🌹Please stay home if you have recently travelled or feel ill. There will be no cancellation charge ⁠ .⁠ We are so excited to welcome you all back! See you all soon.⁠

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-05-26 @Victoria

mellow yellow # summer #@shopmatticks #Elk # fun #ready # warm weather

Pure Day Spa 2020-05-26 @Victoria

We may not be travelling abroad any time soon, but we can't help but find travel sized products adorable! We've got great news: we're re-opening on June 1st! That means it's time to pamper yourself with a mini staycation locally!

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-26 @Victoria

Give the gift of comfort!

Red Barn Market 2020-05-25 @Victoria

From May 21-27, when you purchase a $100 Barn Bucks gift card, we'll add an extra $10 on top for FREE🤑 ⭐Most Popular: Buy a $200 card, Get $20 FREE Barn Bucks can be used at all Red Barn Market locations and never expire. Use them for Sandwiches, Groceries, Deli, Meat, Produce, Pet Food, Garden Supplies and more!/p>

Support Local - Greater Victoria 2020-05-25 @Victoria

Wow! Just wow! 💖Our community is amazing - thanks for showing your love for local businesses 19,000 times over. If you haven't visited (link in bio)⁠ yet, we've got 167 amazing local businesses listed that you can buy gift cards from. ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ And....coming soon....the ability to send a gift card to a friend. 🤩 ⁠

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-05-24 @Victoria

Our spring group show “Skies in Bloom” is on for one more week. We are opting for gradual opening Tuesday to Saturday 11-4 Private Appointments are available Sunday and Monday.... and of course our website is open for purchases 24/7 😊 We are still offer free shipping within Canada and local deliveries. Please contact us via phone, email or direct message if you require assistance.

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-05-24 @Victoria

The Swedish Dish Cloth is your perfect choice for the endless wiping we are all doing! Spray your favourite disinfectant on the damp cloth and wipe away the bad!

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-24 @Victoria

NORDIC BEACH in Fluffy Frappe. One size! New order just arrived...cashmere blue, heavenly pink, navy, olive, & grey kitten. SUPER COZY! See or call 250-590-8032 or come to our shop 10-5 daily. 11-4 Sunday.

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-05-22 @Victoria

Okay! Tomorrow, fingers crossed, the store should be open. My current kidney stone battle has retreated throughout the day and I’m hoping for a good night... think positive thoughts my way, please!

Pure Day Spa 2020-05-22 @Victoria

We absolutely love @skinceuticals products. This high-quality skincare line has something for every skin type.⁠ Our team can offer an over the phone consultation if you're unsure what you may need.⁠ Give us a call today - contact link is in our bio.⁠

Adrienne's Restaurant 2020-05-22 @Victoria

When the sun shines the summer drinks come out!! 🤩🍓

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-05-08 @Victoria

Saturday and Sunday @shopmatticks I will be in the gallery tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday from 11-3 😊 if you’d like to book a private appointment please DM or email me 😊 or if your walking past and see me inside, just knock on the door. Mother’s Day is almost here!

Pure Day Spa 2020-05-08 @Victoria

This one goes out to all of the mothers who are suddenly being mom, teacher, counsellor, and best friend. These are trying times, and we know you feel like you're coming up short sometimes, but we want to let you know how amazing you are!⁠ Tag an amazing mom in your life and let her know you recognize how amazing she is dong!⁠

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-05-08 @Victoria

Amazing what a couple of coats will do! Now on to the “Christmas Corner”

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-08 @Victoria

CYBERJAMMIES strawberry 🍓 PJ’s in breathable cotton/modal. See or call 250-590-8032. One or two shoppers in store at a time or book an appointment. We miss you!!!

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-05-05 @Victoria

global goodies#international fashions

Pure Day Spa 2020-05-05 @Victoria

Mother's Day is this weekend! Do you have the perfect gift for mom yet? We've created a few Mother's Day basket options for you to treat mom at home this year.⁠ We can even deliver it to her doorstep for you. . Basket 1 is a Scrub and Bubbles basket complete with bubble bath, 2 mini scrubs, a full-sized body lotion, lip balm, and eye patches. $100⁠ . Basket 2 is our Spa Day at Home Kit. This basket has an exfoliant, body cream, face mask, lip balm, and a $40 gift card! $150⁠ . Basket 3 is the Clean and Soft Basket, which includes a hand cream, Shea Butter hand soap, and nail polish. $55⁠ . Get in touch with us today to reserve your basket with the right products for mom.⁠

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-05 @Victoria

NORDIC BEACH wrap in “Kitten Grey”. One size. Super cuddly! Check for colours. 20% off until Mother’s Day. Shop online, by phone 250-590-8032, or in store by appointment.

Red Barn Market 2020-05-04 @Victoria

🚨Red Barn Smokehouse Double Smoked Bacon is on SALE! 🥓 Only $7.99 EA (375G) until Wednesday May 6th. ✨ Take home some today!

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-04 @Victoria

KAY ANNA Spa robes. GREAT summer robe! Pink or white. S-XL

Pure Day Spa 2020-05-04 @Victoria

We’ve got beautiful Farmhouse Fresh baskets for Mother’s Day ready for delivery! This is a fave all wrapped up in a FHF box

Something More 2020-05-04 @Victoria

Charlie B tee shirt ($79) jacket ($109) and pants($99). Open by appointment Monday - Saturday, Call 250-389-0420

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-05-03 @Victoria

These 3 beauties by Kylee Turunen are the latest stunners to arrive from our youngest artist. Always serene and peaceful, Kylee captures our beautiful west coast so perfectly! Available to view or purchase online. Skies in Bloom spring group show is on now. Free shipping within Canada, local delivery and layaway options available. Want to see anything in person? Contact us via email, DM to book a private appointment. Reflection Calmness Island in the Fog II Blue Island Tranquility All are 30x30 oil on canvas

Pure Day Spa 2020-05-03 @Victoria

Do you know what you are going to do for your mother this Mother's Day? We are still selling tons of gift certificates and gift baskets for Mother's Day. Get your mom the perfect spa day package to treat herself at home right now and a gift certificate for a future treatment to let all the stress from these uncertain times melt away.⁠ .⁠

Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-05-03 @Victoria

It’s our first time collaborating for Mother’s Day with @bernstein_gold 🌸How exciting! 🌸 It will include floral arrangement as pictured + white clay vase + carefully selected organic skin product by @bernstein_gold 🌸 Choose yours on their website by this Wednesday midnight for a Friday complimentary delivery within Greater Victoria 🌸 .

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-02 @Victoria

ANITA sports bra in new SMART PINK. B-G cup 32-42 band. Also in anthracite (charcoal), & white. 20% off until Mother’s Day only. Call 250-590-8032 or check us out at

Adrienne's Restaurant 2020-05-02 @Victoria

"Skies In Bloom" Although things may be different this year, Mother nature is still working hard creating our favorite time of year! And we in The Gallery are forging ahead! Our annual spring show "Skies in Bloom" features our favorite artists as well as some soon be favorites. We hope you enjoy this beautiful “Virtual” show, full of all the best Mother Nature has to offer, or if you live in the neighborhood ,our windows are full of all sorts of beautiful pieces. Mother's Day is just around the corner! We encourage you to shop online or if you'd like to have a closer look at an item in the gallery we are offering private one on one appointment. We will do our best to offer a safe clean environment for you to shop in behind locked doors. For more information about booking an appointment, an item or layaway information please contact us at [email protected] or 250-658-8333 Free Shipping within Canada, local deliveries, curbside pick up, and layaway options available! Need your purchase gift wrapped? we can take care of that too! Thank you for your continued support Be Well and Stay Safe!

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-05-02 @Victoria

Free shipping and local delivery 🚚 📦 Since many are taking this time to self quarantine and spend time at home. We’d like to make your “Arm Chair Shopping” a little easier by offering free shipping and handling (within Canada) on most online purchases or telephone orders. Some restrictions apply to larger pieces, heavy or fragile items. Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding your favoured piece.

Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-05-02 @Victoria

We are getting ready for Mother’s Day. Both stores are open from 10-5:30 everyday. Looking for gift ideas from your mom? A beautiful hanging basket? A flower arrangement? Or a cute Terrarium which doesn’t need much attention to keep going?

Pure Day Spa 2020-05-01 @Victoria

Do you know what gommage is? It comes from the french word meaning "to erase/scrub."⁠ Yon-Ka has a gommage exfoliant that is a non-abrasive gel product perfect for purifying while hydrating your skin. This product is fantastic! It does it all - plus, you can even leave it on like a mask for firming and hydrating benefits.⁠ Want to purchase this, or any other Yon-Ka products? Get in touch today 250.590.7873

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-05-01 @Victoria

Progress is being made! The first newly painted section is all reset! The next section has had two coats and will be put back together tomorrow...

Something More 2020-05-01 @Victoria

Charlie B jacket. Cotton Linen blend. $99.00

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-05-01 @Victoria

“To Brighter Days Ahead” by Natasha Miller is once again available for sale.... If you missed it the first time here’s your chance 😃 Available online Free shipping within Canada and local delivery available.

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-04-28 @Victoria

We are excited to announce that we will be moving forward with our “Personal Shopping” bookings starting on Monday, May 04 and this is how it will work.

Click the picture for more information.

Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-04-28 @Victoria

With mother’s day just around the corner we wanted to spread some smiles to some very deserving moms out there. Our Mother’s Day online preorder is open today til May 8th. The link is on our Instagram homepage. With “MD10off” you will get 10% off for your order. Both delivery and curbside pick up for both stores are available. .

Adrienne's Restaurant 2020-04-26 @Victoria

Phase One! Second coat tomorrow... of course the store is a shambles!

Something More 2020-04-26 @Victoria

Here we have an Eileen fisher coat $(498) paired with a Foxcroft no iron blouse ($159) and Ribkoff jeans ($299) and topped off with a Lucy necklace ($69)

Red Barn Market 2020-04-26 @Victoria

We ❤️ Sunday morning breakfast and we know you do too☀️ These Fresh Pork Sausages are made in our very own smokehouse! Choose from Breakfast, Maple, Mild or Hot. ✨ Only $5.99LB/$13.21KG until April 29th.

Red Barn Market 2020-04-25 @Victoria

🚨BOGO ALERT 🚨 Get 2 750ML San Remo Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the price of 1! ($12.99 EA) ✨ Available at your nearest Red Barn Market until April 29th.

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-04-25 @Victoria

Elves @boutiqueladybug As the sign says, the big elf got bored. Might as well use the “free” time productively!

Red Barn Market 2020-04-24 @Victoria

Look at that cheesy goodness! 🧀 Red Barn's Own Stuffed Mushroom Caps are on sale! 💥 Only $9.99LB/$22.02 until Wednesday April 29th.

Something More 2020-04-24 @Victoria

Well ladies, the store is all freshly painted and the fixtures all moved around and we are ready to get back to selling. Here is a beautiful Eileen Fisher jacket ($406) and T-shirt ($108) paired with Lisette pant ($129)and Lucy necklace ($79)

The Country Gift Shoppe 2020-04-23 @Victoria

Mother’s Day is around the corner! How about a nice gift pack from Bee By the Sea? Curb side pickup or [email protected]

Red Barn Market 2020-04-22 @Victoria

WE LOVE OUR LOCAL VENDORS! ⭐️ Nutritious & Delicious Island Made water buffalo yogurt from McClintock's Farm is in our list of faves for this week! 👍 This yogurt is made with only 2 ingredients: water buffalo milk & active bacterial culture. Try it today! 🚨LAST CHANCE to get it today for only $5.99 EA (500G)

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-04-22 @Victoria

Here’s a sneak peak at our “virtual” Skies in Bloom annual group show going up next week. A little farm yard musings from the sheepfold. Ram Bunctious - was determined, he would never give up. The days were often too dark for the spring and rainy too, and so long, but he knew that tomorrow the meadow pasture would be full of green shoots, and warm sunshine. The barn door would open wide, and birds would arrive home, building their nests in the hayloft, and wobbly baby robins would come and sit on the fence posts once again. Ram Bunctious 36x36 oil on canvas by Vikki Fuller. To see more of Ram Bunctious and his friends, check out our website

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-04-20 @Victoria

Casual elegance that we are known for from mes soeurs et moi designed in Belgium.

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-04-20 @Victoria

Popped into the gallery to do some shipping. I sure do miss being here and surrounded by all this beauty. I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe. Looking forward to being together again soon! 💕

Pure Day Spa 2020-04-20 @Victoria

We may not be going on camping trips or to the beach surrounded by hundreds of others right now, but sun protection is something we should be practicing every day. @Tizoskin is a medical line of SPF to help you protect your face and your body at the beach, or just in the backyard.⁠

Pure Day Spa 2020-04-19 @Victoria

Have you tried the Rasmopolitan body scrub from @farmhousefresh yet? Can we just say, it smells AMAZING!⁠

Red Barn Market 2020-04-19 @Victoria

WE LOVE OUR LOCAL VENDORS! ⭐️ Check out these deliciously addictive vegan crackers from Jenny Marie’s! ✨Choose from Thyme & Sea Salt Crackers, Pepper & Sea Salt Crackers or Lime & Pepper Crackers! 🎉 🚨ON SALE for only $5.99 EA until April 22nd

Red Barn Market 2020-04-17 @Victoria

Keep your food fresher for longer with locally made Nature Bee Beeswax Sheets. 🐝 It’s the friendly alternative to plastic wrap. We absolutely love their cute prints & designs.

Pure Day Spa 2020-04-17 @Victoria

A very special delivery for an amazing home-spa day full of goodies! We do custom orders too, this one is for mini facials

Red Barn Market 2020-04-17 @Victoria

WE LOVE OUR LOCAL VENDORS! ⭐️ Check out our favourite Corn & Chia Chips from Adriana’s! 👍 Freshly made from Saanichton. Eat it as it is or with your favourite dip. Perfect for movie nights! 🎬 #MyRedBarn 🚨 ON SALE until April 22nd for only $4.99 EA

Something More 2020-04-17 @Victoria

Excited to be part of online shop.  Our Instagram Facebook and website

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-04-17 @Victoria

The Easter Bunny has hopped off, so it is time for a new look... even if it’s just for us!

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-04-17 @Victoria
Posted by Sunday's Snowflakes on Thursday, April 16, 2020
Red Barn Market 2020-04-16 @Victoria

NEW: "Nature's Best Defence" Soap (Available at all Red Barn Market locations) For every bar sold, Metchosin Soap Works will give 1 bar to a Frontline worker! This bar has seven different anti viral and anti bacterial oils combined with deep sea mud and activated bamboo charcoal. 👏 Show your support to local businesses and our frontline workers today! 🎉 🚨 ON SALE: Beginning today until April 22nd - Large Soap & Small Bath Bombs for just $6.99 EA!

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-04-16 @Victoria

matticksgallery Along with the original 6 paintings on their way here, Natasha Miller has included 3 extras for us 😃 These 4 are still available for purchase. Don’t forget free shipping within Canada

Red Barn Market 2020-04-15 @Victoria

If you love baking, this one is for you! ✨ We now have Instant Yeast available in our stores 🥣 Also check out our “Hearty Whole Wheat Bread” recipe made with just 6 ingredients including yeast. 🍞 View the full recipe on our website! #MyRedBarn

Garage Princess Alley 2020-04-15 @Penticton

To all my amazing customers Thank You ❤️ for your continued support of my Small Business. I couldn’t do it with you. 🙏🏼 stay safe.

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-04-15 @Victoria

Treat yourself! SILK chemise by Genia. Check for colours & sizes on or phone 250-590-8032 FREE shipping & 20% off!!

The Country Gift Shoppe 2020-04-14 @Victoria

Must be noon somewhere right?? These days it could be anytime you want it to be! Want to put a smile on someone’s face with these tea towels? DM us here and we can help you out!

Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-04-13 @Victoria

Want to produce apples on your sunny balcony? We got you covered. Columnar apple trees are created to grow predominantly straight up, and usually less than 2 feet wide. Suburbanites, apartment-dwellers, people living on boats – anyone can have columnar apple trees. . You may need to thin the apples to help the tree support the weight in the first year. . Second, you’re going to need at least two trees but different varieties. The apples will only be produced if the flowers are cross-pollinated by two varieties of apple. We have Columnar Mac and Golden Sentinel available at both stores. .

Red Barn Market 2020-04-13 @Victoria

Our favourite superfood is on SALE 🥑 Mexico Avocados are just 99¢ ea! (YOU SAVE $1.00) Available at all Red Barn Market locations until April 15th. ✨#MyRedBarn

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-04-12 @Victoria

NANSO loungewear in a lovey tulip 🌷 print. Long or short with short sleeves.... or short sleeveless style. Also 2 piece set with tulip print top & black pull on pant. Cotton/modal for a comfortable, breathable, easy care life. Buy by phone 250-590-8032 or on website FREE SHIPPING & 20% off for a limited time.

Red Barn Market 2020-04-12 @Victoria

🌷Easter hours today. ⭐️Regular hours resume tomorrow.

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-04-11 @Victoria

“Doing Laps” 🔴 SOLD - This painting will be doing laps as it’s currently going from the East coast to the west coast and then back to the its forever home on the east coast. Don’t forget we have free shipping within Canada!

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-04-11 @Victoria

'Brighter Days Ahead' SOLD. A fitting title for this painting by Natasha Miller, purchased by one of our own artists. Here's to brighter days ahead, to getting to be with the people that we love and mean the most to us, to kindness, compassion and love....

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-04-11 @Victoria

These 6 new paintings by Natasha Miller are on there way to us! Available in our online shop, local delivery and free shipping within Canada

Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-04-10 @Victoria

Happy Good Friday everyone! We are in at both stores this long week everyday. I

f you need any help, please give us a call to either location or DM on instagram or Facebook. Take care! And stay safe! .

The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-04-09 @Victoria

“Creation Sings” by Janet Anderson is off to its forever home 😍 Online purchases available with free shipping within Canada and local delivery available.

Red Barn Market 2020-04-09 @Victoria

Now Hiring Temporary Relief Staff Do you love people?

Is customer service your forté? We'd love to meet you! 🙋‍♀️ - Part Time - Customer Service Oriented - Various positions available at all Red Barn Market locations ⭐Please forward your resume to Cindy Carroll at: [email protected]


The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-04-08 @Victoria

Here’s another close up of Janet Anderson’s painting “Bright Hope” 36x24.

Please contact us if you’d like to see any of Janets paintings (or anything in the gallery) in person, we will open the gallery by appointment with social distancing in mind. Copy and paste link below for Janets full collection 

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-04-05 @Victoria

Added additional shopping options (gift cards, delivery) to our options. Visit our profile for links and information.

Pure Day Spa 2020-04-03 @Victoria

Pure Essentials Box Launch! Our first ever Self Care box of stay at home essentials. $90 plus tax, valued at $130. To place your orders call us at 250-590-7873 or email us at [email protected]


Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-04-01 @VictoriaShop from home or call 250-590-8032 for all of your lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear needs. 20% off and free shipping       
The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-04-01 @VictoriaWe've been hard at work getting some new and exciting things on the website. Just added Mikel Grant Jewelry Free shippiing available within Canada when shopping online       
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-03-29 @VictoriaInstashop now available on our Instagram. Visit for more details      
Pure Day Spa 2020-03-28 @VictoriaDeliveries made 7 days a week! Call the spa at 250-590-7873 Or email us at [email protected]      
Garage Princess Alley 2020-03-27 @PentictonI will be doing Country Chic Paint Doorstep deliveries starting this Saturday March 28th. This will continue until I am able to open my doors again. How it works: message me with your order I'll package it up, give you a total and you pay by E-transfer. I will deliver it for free ( within Penticton area) to your doorstep, within a few hours.     
Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-03-26 @Victoria20% off and free shipping! Visit or phone 250-590-8032. 20% off and free shipping!       
The Ladybug Boutique 2020-03-25 @VictoriaYou can really help your favourite stores through this tough time by ordering a gift certificate.

Just email [email protected], or submit a request through our website and we will contact you to process the payment. A few days later a promise of happy shopping trips to come will appear in the mail!
Thanks for your support, Michael, Leslie, Mary, Betty and Judy  
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-03-24 @VictoriaWith great sadness we have come to the decision to close our stores during these very difficult times. It has become clear that we all must do what we can to limit the spread of COVID 19. We are taking orders via an alternative shopping experience which is social media based, providing a personal shopper, with pick up and delivery options available. Call, text, or email us and let us know what your looking for! Thank you, we are here to help!      
The Gallery at Mattick's Farm 2020-03-23 @VictoriaAs we navigate thru these extaordinary times, we'd like to offer 10% back (before taxes) in Gift Certificates on ALL online purchases, for future use in the gallery. Don't forget we have free shipping within Canada. Also if you'd like to take advantage of our layaway options please email at [email protected] or DM for more information.

5 new pieces from Ira Hoffecker on our website. These 16x20 acrylic, oil on canvas paintings with more to be added soon.      
Pure Day Spa 2020-03-23 @VictoriaLow on product? Don't worry we've got you covered, we are delivering product to your door step!
To place your orders call us at 250-590-7873 or email us at [email protected]      

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