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Prohibited Content Policy

Prohibited Content Policy

This Prohibited Content Policy was last updated on 16th of February 2023. Please ensure to come back to check for any changes.

In order to create a safe and legal environment all users who use any products and/or services provided by Online Shop Inc., and/or it’s affiliates, subsidiaries or partners must ensure that no products are sold, traded or transacted for as set below. Please ensure you recognize this Prohibited Content Policy and ensure complete compliance as under our Terms of Use & Service.


Below is a list of content, articles and materials which are not allowed to be hosted, shown, sold, transacted, traded or shown on any property, including any shop instances or Analytics web properties. These include:

  • Adult content which includes pornography, child exploitation, intimacy toys, books, physical media, guides and other such content, products or services;
  • Living organisms which can include animals such as livestock, dogs, cats, reptiles and other such organisms;
  • Consumable goods with less than two day shelf life, this includes meat, produce and other such goods;
  • Counterfeit and pirated goods;
  • Currencies, gold bullions and precious gems unless an exclusion is granted;
  • Weaponry which includes firearms, knives and 3D printed goods that could be used to create such;
  • Digital goods that could cause harm, exploitation, targeted harassment, or offense that is not under protection of the first amendment;
  • Narcotics and medicines, including cannabis unless authorized by FDA with applicable licenses and an exclusion is granted;
  • Goods which are limited to be sold only to government and government approved agencies;
  • Scientific equipment and research material unless an exemption is granted;
  • Stolen or illegitimately acquired goods;
  • Personal documentation and identification goods such as driving licenses, passports, birth certificates and other such goods unless for movie production and an exemption is granted;
  • Alcoholic beverages unless an exemption is granted.

This list is not exhaustive and will be updated as necessary, it is your duty to keep updated with policies as set out in Terms of Use & Service.


If you deem to be applicable for an exemption you can apply for one via our Helpdesk.

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