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POSTAL Dude Angel Artwork

It’s quite surreal seeing this Easter Egg in a video game series I grew up playing and enjoying thoroughly. Perhaps if we were around then, Mr. Dude wouldn’t of had to go through such extent of completing his errands, helping local businesses and avoiding the troublemakers of the video game POSTAL 2

Technology moves fast, and after events of its predecessor, we can see the town of Edensin being at the forefront of technological adaptability. Scattered throughout the offices of Monkey JPG millionaires and corporate workers, they know the value our company represents.

On a serious note, I’d like to personally thank the entire team at Running With Scissors for being forced to include including this easter egg, and of course Chief Bidet Officer, Mike Jaret-Schachter and Chief Executive Officer, Vince Desi for years and years of entertainment.

Make sure to check out the game studio that revolutionized the gaming industry and the latest foray into the sandbox of madness and satire, POSTAL 4: No Regerts and POSTAL: Brain Damaged where you’ll find us scattered throughout.

And for those with damaged psyches, you now have the ability to use one of the staples of the game series, a shovel, to act out atrocities on us that you would otherwise never indulge in real life. I hope.

“It’s always funny until someone gets hurt… and then it’s absolutely friggin’ hysterical!"
POSTAL Dude (Angel)
Terry McGinnis

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Online Shop Inc., with years of experience in marketing,
project management, e-commerce, development and much more.

POSTAL Dude on a Bidet

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Online Shop is the go to solution for all of Edensin’s residents in POSTAL 4: No Regerts. Why not join other business magnates and start making bank? Beats doing chores!

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