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Equality in Commerce Launched by Online Shop

As a company which strives for altruistic endeavors and breaking down barriers of entry to all, we have undertaken a new initiative which will help support our overall goals and mission.

Founders Terry McGinnis and Siraaj Ahmed have created ‘Equality’ a not for profit organization based in England and Wales which aims to:

  • Advance and promote equality in the fields of commerce and electronic commerce.
  • Promote fairness and equality across private and commercial organisations that have significant influence over underrepresented communities and emerging markets.
  • Provide education and support to governmental bodies, communities and other applicable organisations both governmental and civil.
  • Engage in fundraising activities for local bodies, enterprises, associations and at risk communities.
  • Lobby for global standards that level the playing field.
  • Promote cooperation between variably sized entities and corporation.
  • Settle disputes through a fair and balanced arbitration process for organisations of all sizes.
  • Eliminate favouritism in selection processes, contract and tender awards which provide an unfair advantage for large scale enterprises.
  • Provide accessible resources for continued education, fundraising and outreach opportunities globally.
  • Work with law enforcement, intelligence and governmental bodies to offer rehabilitation programmes for those incarcerated to gain the skills necessary to secure gainful employment.
  • Provide volunteering incentives to help applicable organisations in localisation and outreach efforts.
  • Undertake research efforts and development of open source projects applicable to many not just a few.

Our mission is in a constant evolutionary state which takes into account market trends, fluctuations, change in policy and governance. We aim to work with organisations that encompass and reflect such values in their day-to-day operations and those who want to better not only themselves but those around them.

It is our belief that each person should have the same access to tools and resources that only the privileged have access to. We work towards a fair and just balance within the field of commerce through innovation, community incentives and guidance helping foster creation, cooperation and development of ideas that can bring opportunity and hope to many.

You can find more information here.

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