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Our Engine


No more endless nights, wasted time or money on things that don't work.
Our engine is a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Online Shop OSX Engine

A completely autonomous engine.

Our engine was developed with complete automation in mind. Think of it as an all knowing commerce, web development and optimization expert that is at your service, working tirelessly in the background so you can focus on things that matter to you.

By collecting data from hundreds and thousands of touch-points from your customers it automatically optimizes every aspect of your shop, from the text to the look and feel of it. Improving overall customer experience and increasing conversion rates autonomously.


Focus on things that really matter.

By allowing our engine to take charge of every aspect of previously laborious, resource and time intensive tasks, you are left to focus on what you want to focus on.
Avg. conversion rate without our engine.
Avg. conversion rate with our engine.

No more wasted time on boring tasks.

We built our engine to take care of all the mundane, boring and time consuming tasks that you would have to do day in and day out in order to succeed in the ever increasingly competititve commerce field.
Rocketship growth.

We want everyone to have the ability to focus on growing their businesses, this is why we built solutions that automate and improve your quality of life.

Smiles all around!

Every boring task automated to full extent so you can focus on growing your shop and not have to worry about the stress inducing day to day operations!

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We build to everyday problems.

We use our technological prowess and lateral thinking to see a broader innovation arc.
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Every solution we tackle has layers of application
across all of our products.

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Every product we release is scalable and should
compliment the overall ecosystem.

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Our ecosystem is made to be resilient, cutting edge
and most importantly reliable for millions.

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What will be automated?

...and much more!
Personalize every aspect.

Every element of your shop will be personalized to your buyers, ensuring the most optimal shopping experience to increase your conversions.

Become impenetrable.

Our engine constantly checks security vulnerabilities within our own ecosystem and across the web and patches them to keep you secure.

Outmanoeuvre the competition.

The constant monitoring of your shop means constant optimization of it, allowing you to truly stay ahead and beat your competitors.

Join a strong network.

Our engine uses collective data to ensure every optimization made is for the benefit of all shop owners, helping all win.

Want to know how it ?

Find out how we use our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to revolutionize commerce.
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