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Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-10-08 @Victoria

weekend surprise sale # sympli# 50 % off # great bargains

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-08-18 @Victoria

Yest electric blue # not yet #fall #holland @shopmatticks #justin #yyj #clothes #newarrivals

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-05-27 @Victoria

Get the dress you have been eyeing. Think sunny warm days with a new summery dress! This weekend, Friday Saturday and Sunday we are having a 30 % off all dresses SALE. For our re-opening, we are going to go live, shop on SALE.

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-05-26 @Victoria

mellow yellow # summer #@shopmatticks #Elk # fun #ready # warm weather

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-05-05 @Victoria

global goodies#international fashions

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-04-28 @Victoria

We are excited to announce that we will be moving forward with our “Personal Shopping” bookings starting on Monday, May 04 and this is how it will work.

Click the picture for more information.

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-04-20 @Victoria

Casual elegance that we are known for from mes soeurs et moi designed in Belgium.

Sunday's Snowflakes 2020-04-17 @Victoria
Posted by Sunday's Snowflakes on Thursday, April 16, 2020

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