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Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-05-03 @Victoria

It’s our first time collaborating for Mother’s Day with @bernstein_gold 🌸How exciting! 🌸 It will include floral arrangement as pictured + white clay vase + carefully selected organic skin product by @bernstein_gold 🌸 Choose yours on their website by this Wednesday midnight for a Friday complimentary delivery within Greater Victoria 🌸 .

Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-05-02 @Victoria

We are getting ready for Mother’s Day. Both stores are open from 10-5:30 everyday. Looking for gift ideas from your mom? A beautiful hanging basket? A flower arrangement? Or a cute Terrarium which doesn’t need much attention to keep going?

Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-04-28 @Victoria

With mother’s day just around the corner we wanted to spread some smiles to some very deserving moms out there. Our Mother’s Day online preorder is open today til May 8th. The link is on our Instagram homepage. With “MD10off” you will get 10% off for your order. Both delivery and curbside pick up for both stores are available. .

Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-04-13 @Victoria

Want to produce apples on your sunny balcony? We got you covered. Columnar apple trees are created to grow predominantly straight up, and usually less than 2 feet wide. Suburbanites, apartment-dwellers, people living on boats – anyone can have columnar apple trees. . You may need to thin the apples to help the tree support the weight in the first year. . Second, you’re going to need at least two trees but different varieties. The apples will only be produced if the flowers are cross-pollinated by two varieties of apple. We have Columnar Mac and Golden Sentinel available at both stores. .

Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-04-10 @Victoria

Happy Good Friday everyone! We are in at both stores this long week everyday. I

f you need any help, please give us a call to either location or DM on instagram or Facebook. Take care! And stay safe! .

Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-03-29 @Victoria
Instashop now available on our Instagram. Visit for more details       
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2020-03-24 @Victoria
With great sadness we have come to the decision to close our stores during these very difficult times. It has become clear that we all must do what we can to limit the spread of COVID 19. We are taking orders via an alternative shopping experience which is social media based, providing a personal shopper, with pick up and delivery options available. Call, text, or email us and let us know what your looking for! Thank you, we are here to help!       

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