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Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-06-03 @Victoria

New order on the way! Call 259-590-8032 to reserve your favourite colour! Lilac, pink, lemon 🍋, cashmere blue, red, navy, fluffy frappe, black, or grey kitten! One size makes it easy!

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-26 @Victoria

Give the gift of comfort!

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-24 @Victoria

NORDIC BEACH in Fluffy Frappe. One size! New order just arrived...cashmere blue, heavenly pink, navy, olive, & grey kitten. SUPER COZY! See or call 250-590-8032 or come to our shop 10-5 daily. 11-4 Sunday.

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-08 @Victoria

CYBERJAMMIES strawberry 🍓 PJ’s in breathable cotton/modal. See or call 250-590-8032. One or two shoppers in store at a time or book an appointment. We miss you!!!

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-05 @Victoria

NORDIC BEACH wrap in “Kitten Grey”. One size. Super cuddly! Check for colours. 20% off until Mother’s Day. Shop online, by phone 250-590-8032, or in store by appointment.

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-04 @Victoria

KAY ANNA Spa robes. GREAT summer robe! Pink or white. S-XL

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-05-02 @Victoria

ANITA sports bra in new SMART PINK. B-G cup 32-42 band. Also in anthracite (charcoal), & white. 20% off until Mother’s Day only. Call 250-590-8032 or check us out at

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-04-15 @Victoria

Treat yourself! SILK chemise by Genia. Check for colours & sizes on or phone 250-590-8032 FREE shipping & 20% off!!

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-04-12 @Victoria

NANSO loungewear in a lovey tulip 🌷 print. Long or short with short sleeves.... or short sleeveless style. Also 2 piece set with tulip print top & black pull on pant. Cotton/modal for a comfortable, breathable, easy care life. Buy by phone 250-590-8032 or on website FREE SHIPPING & 20% off for a limited time.

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-04-05 @Victoria

Added additional shopping options (gift cards, delivery) to our options. Visit our profile for links and information.

Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-04-01 @Victoria
Shop from home or call 250-590-8032 for all of your lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear needs. 20% off and free shipping        
Lily Pad Lingerie 2020-03-26 @Victoria
20% off and free shipping! Visit or phone 250-590-8032. 20% off and free shipping!        

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