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The Ladybug Boutique 2020-05-24 @Victoria

The Swedish Dish Cloth is your perfect choice for the endless wiping we are all doing! Spray your favourite disinfectant on the damp cloth and wipe away the bad!

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-05-22 @Victoria

Okay! Tomorrow, fingers crossed, the store should be open. My current kidney stone battle has retreated throughout the day and I’m hoping for a good night... think positive thoughts my way, please!

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-05-08 @Victoria

Amazing what a couple of coats will do! Now on to the “Christmas Corner”

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-05-01 @Victoria

Progress is being made! The first newly painted section is all reset! The next section has had two coats and will be put back together tomorrow...

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-04-25 @Victoria

Elves @boutiqueladybug As the sign says, the big elf got bored. Might as well use the “free” time productively!

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-04-17 @Victoria

The Easter Bunny has hopped off, so it is time for a new look... even if it’s just for us!

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-03-25 @Victoria
You can really help your favourite stores through this tough time by ordering a gift certificate.

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