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Privacy focused, lightweight
️and simple. Analytics for everyone
and anyone.

The most accessible, advanced and
powerful analytics suite ever.

Analytics just got fun and awesome.

Event Tracking

Create custom events to track specific actions on your web property with ease and transparency.

API Support

Utilize our robust API to build the most robust analytics solution for your web properties.

Data Export

Export all of your data at anytime or schedule an e-mail report to be sent to your e-mail address. You own your data.

Privacy Policy

Share your web property statistics with the those who have the URL, protect them with a password or only set it to be accessible by you.

Online Shop Analytics Dashboard

Built for the user.

Our analytics engine was built to encompass everyone and anyone, no matter your technology skill.
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Privacy Focused.

Our analytics engine focuses on privacy over data harversting,
providing you and your users peace of mind.

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It's as simple as copying a line of code into your web property,
that does not slow down your website.

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Unlike other solutions, we provide full API access and
ability to export all of your data with ease.





No credit card required.


Tracking performance
and measuring success
shouldn't be hard.

Easily manage, track and analyze your statistics to
measure your success with complete ease.

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