Tiger Wood and Rory McIlroy in Nike Commercial – Funny In Advertising

pd January 15, 2013 0

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, together with with a funny and clever script, team up with Nike Golf.   This is destined to be an Internet advertising hit.

The one-minute spot above, which marks McIlroy’s first appearance in a Nike Golf spot, has spread far and wide on the social web since hitting YouTube early Monday. In it, the two golfers, Woods the former prodigy playing the role of old dog and McIlroy the current prodigy, square off in a driving-range accuracy contest to the surprise of anyone holding a cup within striking distance.

This ad also signifies McIlroy’s ascent in the advertising world.  His new Nike deal is reportedly worth up to $250 million.

Do you think this ad is worth the hype it’s getting online, or does it fall flat? Give us your take in the comments.

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