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pd March 10, 2012 0

Thanks to Invesp, we have an interesting infographic that provides analysis of online shopping behavior by consumers.  The company hopes that it will help businesses answer questions about online shopper demographics, the reasons people shop online, various reasons why they don’t and various trends in spending across different sectors of the online shopping world.

The infographic compiles data from two sources: eMarketer and  And, according to the data,  the online commerce market in the United States will reach $279 Billion by 2015 and  Mobile commerce will grow to $28.7 Billion. Another predication, social media commerce sales will reach $30 Billion.

The top reason people don’t buy online is because they can’t physically touch the product.  This will continue to be an obstacle for online vendors to overcome, which we predict will continue to happen as consumers become more comfortable with online commerce.


online shopping inforgraphic

online shopping inforgraphic



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