Sexy in Advertising – Rosie Huntington Whiteley as Agent Provocateur

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Sexy in Advertising – Rosie Huntington Whiteley as Agent Provocateur

In our continuing efforts to bring you the latest and most innovative developments in online shopping we bring you this column that’s not so innovative and not so revolutionary – sexy in advertising.  It showcases what we all know, that sex sells.  This column does not discuss the business of advertising too much because, well, that would be a little boring.  Instead we will focus on the sexy part of advertising.  See our last sexy in advertising article – Hunky Dorys.


If you thought Agent Provocateur adverts couldn’t get any sexier after KATE MOSS stripped off for the lingerie firm, then take a look at their latest signing and think again.  Agent Provocateur is at it again with another controversial ad campaign.  This time it’s a warning to all men – forget Valentine’s Day at their peril.  English model ROSIE HUNTINGTON WHITELEY appears in this new video and it’s a scorcher.  For anyone who has every forgotten Valentine’s Day and are thinking of making the same mistake this year, you might want to think again. At least for the sake of your face.


In the video, titled Love Me Tender… Or Else, Rosie plays a girl whose boyfriend chooses work over her on Valentine’s Day.  After admiring herself in Agent Provocateur’s sexiest black undies,  stockings, suspenders and high heels, she sneaks into his office and gives him the lap dance of a lifetime.  Sadly his joy turns to fear as she leaves him tied up and blindfolded – smacking him in the mouth for good measure.  Rosie ends the clip with the line: “That will teach you to forget Valentine’s  Day.”


The advert might not be suitable for work and may leave you slightly scared of Rosie, but needless to say she looks fabulous throughout.



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