Shop after the holidays for the best deals

pd December 5, 2011 0

Even though you can find many great shopping deals after on or after Black Friday until the end of the year, there are some purchases you are better off making at other times of the year.  Here are some items that are even cheaper before or after the holidays.  Do a little research, be patient and shop after the holidays on:

Gym Memberships -Shop around in June for reduced rate promotions during slower time of the year.  Seek a lower monthly rate or get your enrollment fee waived.  Don’t shop early in the year as people are rushing to buy memberships as part of their New Years Resolutions.

Televisions -In February retailers start lowering prices on last year’s models before new models start hitting the stores in March. The best deals follow the Super Bowl in early February.

Linens – Wait until January’s “white sales” before buying sheets, blankets, towels and more. The tradition of department stores discounting linens in January started back in the 19th century. Now, even some catalog retailers follow suit, offering deals in their issues that come out at the beginning of the year. Look for discounts ranging from 10% to 60%.

Tools – Consider buying tools in June , when prices will fall by 25%,  instead of Christmas.

Snow Blowers – March is the month for purchasing this higher priced item.  Expect savings of 30% to 40% as the winter ends.

Cameras -The biggest electronic trade shows of the year happen in January and February starting with CES.  New models are revealed at these shows. By late February, older models are being sold at discounts of 30% or more.

Winter Clothing / Outerwear – February and March are the ideal months to pick up winter outerwear, such as coats, hats and gloves. Retailers realize that most people have already bought their winter clothing by then.

Skis -The best deals can be had in March and April as the ski season winds down.  Look for sales on models from the past winter.

Furniture – New furniture inventory hits showrooms in February, so look to save 10% to 50% if you buy in January, as retailers push to clear the showroom. Old models tend to be just as good, using the exact same frames as the new.

Cars -Looking for a new car?  Wait until New Year’s Eve to get the best deal. Car dealers want to clear their inventory before the end of the year. TrueCar, which collects automobile data, estimates prices on all vehicles nationwide will average 9.3% below sticker price on December 31.  If you are looking for a I, Hold off until April for the best deals because it’s the month that dealers tend to buy the most at auction, giving you the best selection.

Cruises – For those who wanting to hit the seas, booking a cruise is best after the holidays. Wait until “wave season,” which is January to March, to book a summer cruise.  You’ll be met with an onslaught of deals as cruise lines compete with one another for customers. Rising airfare prices have made cruises increasingly enticing with their all-inclusive pricing.

Bicycles – After the holiday rush, discounts are steep on older models. Shops are also more likely to throw in a few free extras because they are looking for business during the slow winter months.


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