Samsung Surpasses Apple in 3rd Quarter Smartphone sales

pd October 28, 2011 0

Samsung sold an estimated 28 million smartphones in the third quarter compared to Apple’s 17 million.  With the help of the Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung telecommunications broke records this quarter with sales of US $13.5 billion (according to Daiwa Securities analyst Jae Lee), up 37 percent from last year.  This is even beofre the Samsung Galaxy Nexus goes on sale.

In part, Apple’s sales were hurt by customers waiting for the impending release of the latest iPhone 4s.  Additionally, Apple and Samsung continue a massive legal battle that may shape these results dramatically in the future.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, Steve Jobs successor, has huge expectations for Apple’s upcoming quarter, predicting record iPhone and iPad sales.  Considering the response so far to the iPhone 4s, he may be right.

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