Blu-ray Releases of Star Wars and Thor Lift Sales

pd October 15, 2011 0

With streaming media getting most of the attention these days, Blu-ray has fallen from the spotlight.

Recently released data by IHS suggests that Blu-ray has not quite achieved the levels of sales movie makers had anticipated when players were released over five years ago.  According to IHS, Blu-ray movie sales were 4.9 million unit in the first three weeks of September, compared to DVD sales of 23.8 million.  Blu-ray sales were however more than twice as high as they were in the same period last year (2.3 million).

blu-ray logo

blu-ray logo

According to Jan Saxtan, an analyst for IHS, “Studios are starting to bring the crown jewels out of the vault for BD release.  That, coupled with the first releases from a very strong summer box office, has the potential to turn the movie disc market around. Weak DVD sales have continually dragged the market down in 2011, but with the strong showing of X-men: First Class, Thor and Star Wars, the overall market may have hit an inflection point.”

X-Men reportedly sold about 600,000 units its first week, Thor sold about 500,000 units in the debut week and the Star Wars nine disc set sold 400,000 units (Star Wars sales were heavily discounted.  The MSRP is $140 with retailers such as Amazon selling the set for as low as $83. Walmart lists it for $80).


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